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Creativity has no boundaries, and there’s nothing better than letting the world take a peek into your imaginative mind. Oregon Book Clinic is here to help you find the right words and make a lasting impression on your readers. We take pride in having the most qualified ghostwriters in the business who will guide you at every step of your writing journey. In the end, it’s all about the words!

Sync Your Words to the Beat of Your Own Drum!

You can turn your ideas into words that engage, inspire and inform. We will take care of your writing needs to help you focus on what you do best. Oregon Book Clinic provides ghostwriting services that paint a clear picture of your vision and leave no room for disappointment.

Exceptional Writing,

Tailored to Your Needs

Pave the way to success with our professional writing services. We follow a detailed procedure to ensure the delivery of quality content to our clients. Join hands with us if you’re ready to embark on a journey of breathing life into your words. Think of us as your partners in that journey since our professionals are as dedicated and involved in the entire process of your project as you are. We are on a mission to help you thrive in the literary world.

Any concerns or issues you may have are addressed promptly by our representatives. So, your search ends here, as we are your ideal ghostwriting firm. Reach out to us, and let’s take your writing dreams to new heights. We can help you drive traffic and increase conversions with our exceptional written content in line with your needs!

The Steps We Take to Begin and Complete a Project

It takes a lot of planning to write a book, from creating a book brief to meticulously organizing every detail, putting the hazy ideas into words, editing the drafts, and then sharing them with our client for modifications. To maintain order, we use a cooperative working style.

Our ghostwriter will turn your ideas into a compelling and captivating novel. With the author's permission, the ghostwriter will handle every assignment in its entirety, from research to planning to structuring the masterpiece. Seems like too much to take in? Of course! However, our ghostwriters are qualified and prepared to work under pressure. Our team of ghostwriters is equipped with all the tools it takes to achieve this milestone on your behalf. Sit back, and we’ll handle the process of book writing seamlessly for you.

Delivering excellence, one book at a time!


Project Brief

We discuss the project brief with you to understand your vision for your book.



Once your thoughts and ideas have been shared with us, we begin drafting your manuscript.


Time Delivery

The process’s next step is delivery so you can review the manuscript.



Any revisions that need to be made are catered to after completing the review process.

Our Accomplishments

We’ve successfully completed numerous projects, and the quality of our work truly shines through. Previous clients have shown interest in working with us again, and we are proud to continue serving them. Our platform has been a great avenue for aspiring authors to unlock the potential of their words. We believe ideas are worth spreading, and so we assist people in realizing the power of their words. We go above and beyond with our services so people can achieve their goals.

8 Years of Experience

Having eight years of experience, we take immense pride in calling ourselves one of the best in the industry.

2500+ Books Published

We publish hundreds of our books on various renowned platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, and Apple Books.

1600+ Clients

We have a huge clientele base from all over the world. Our clients come from various backgrounds, and the diversity that brings has enriched our experience even further.